An Ordinary Wedding with an Extraordinary God

Our wedding day was just another Saturday in June. The pictures can make it look like a fairytale, like time stood still for our day, but it didn’t.

The flowers, food, and beautiful dresses and suits—they can’t disguise June 17th as anything more than a day. Yet, something happened underneath all wedding-day activities. Something spiritual happened on Saturday, June 17th, 2017 that would change our lives forever.

God took two sinners, and He made a holy union. He painted an earthly picture of an eternal marriage of Christ and the church. He overcame everything we did wrong in our relationship, and He redeemed it and gave it a gospel mission.

Braylon and I were not magic that day, but God was. He surpassed any glory or glamour we managed to plan out in six months. He made broken things new and beautiful.

Although the wedding day was over all too fast, I get to live in this covenant for the rest of my life. Not that I acknowledge God’s plan each time I fry extra pieces of bacon for my husband, pick a movie we will both enjoy, or fold another one of his t-shirts. The worship in our marriage is as easily forgotten as the worship at our wedding.

Still, even though I don’t consciously praise God every second, I get to praise Him in the way I live with the man he choose for me, just as we all worship Him in our daily work done in His image.

So that wedding day was just another normal day on the surface, just like today. But that doesn’t mean God didn’t do something totally incredible with  two normal kids on an typical Saturday. In fact, He makes a habit of working miracles out of the ordinary.

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