Originality in Writing

I used to be terrified to be a writer because I was afraid I would have no originality. How was I going to say anything that hadn’t been said before? Everyone has an opinion and the ability to share it; I didn’t recognize anything in myself that would cause my voice to stand up above the rest.

I have given up that fear. Not because I have found my secret quality that is going to make me popular and influential. No, in fact, I will never claim to tell you something new. Newness is not my intent in my writing.

So why would you read any further you may ask? “Why would I read your lousy blog if it’s just going to be the same old, tired stuff I’ve hear before?”  Because, if I’m doing my job right, you will hear something old, but it is not tired because its oldness goes before time even existed. If I am really telling you the truth about God, then I have no need for originality because the facts about who He is are unchangeable and will never grow stale no matter how many times we hear them. His magnificence is infinitely beautiful and rich.

Even when everything I say is just a repeat of what you already see in nature, the Bible, and what others before me have said, that is okay with me, because my job as a writer is not to impress you. My purpose for writing is the same as my purpose as a human: to let my knowledge of God and enjoyment of Him flow out in worship. And on this blog that means telling and retelling time after time who He is and why He is utterly amazing.

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